MAC Cosmetics

Takara PBG Group Inc and MAC Cosmetics President Frank Toskan began working together in early 1994 with a single goal in mind: To offer MAC’s customers the best brush available on the retail market.

Takara President George Shitami and leading Kumano brush manufacturer supplied Frank with a twelve brush sample set that was to ultimately become the foundation of MAC’s new brush line. Frank Toskan expressed his vision of the perfect cosmetic brush during this time: “It must have good texture, be gentle on the skin. The bristles must have resilience, have the utmost control for makeup application and be of impeccable workmanship.” Moreover, Vic Casale, director of MAC, stated that any manufacturer that hopes to establish business with MAC must provide good service and adhere to MAC’s stringent requirements With this, Takara PBG Group Inc. set out to provide MAC with just what they asked for. Following the meeting with Frank and Vic, George Shitami visited the manufacturers in Kumano Japan and set in place a quality control system that would meet MAC’s requirements and elevate the quality standard for the cosmetic brush industry to new heights.


Takara worked with Smashbox to develop a very popular line of 13 brushes. Sales through QVC in particular were through the roof, and a whopping 500,000 pieces were supplied from 1998 to 2001.

Magazine Features:

Smashbox’s No. 13 foundation brush was featured in this issue of Allure Magazine from August 1999.

August 1999 issue of marie claire magazine featured the no. 13 brush from Smashbox yet again.

This issue of Allure Magazine from January 2001 features Smashbox’s brow brush.

Cover FX

Cover FX required a high end brush line to satisfy the requirements of both traditional and specialized applications in the camouflage makeup field. Takara PBG Group worked closely with their makeup artists to develop new brushes that would bring them to the forefront of their industry. This culminated in the development of 6 unique brush models that had to meet very high quality standards and offer a distinctive impression. Since this relationship began, the Cover FX brush line has grown steadily in popularity and continues to grow worldwide.

College of Makeup Art & Design (CMU)

(formerly Complections International Academy Inc.)

College of Makeup Art & Design, North America’s leading school for make-up artistry contacted Takara PBG Inc. when they needed the best brush set for their students. CMU is a private career college, unique within Canada, which offers highly specialized courses in make-up artistry for film, theatre, television and fashion.